Janna Breslin


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What is Janna Breslin Height?

Janna Breslin’s height is 173 centimeters.

What is Janna Breslin Weight?

Janna Breslin weighs 65kg.

Where is Janna Breslin from?

Janna Breslin is American.

Janna Breslin Date of Birth

Janna Breslin was born on February 16, 1990.

How Old Is Janna Breslin?

Janna Breslin is 32 years old.

Janna Breslin Biography and Life

Growing up, Janna Breslin was interested in a wide variety of sports. These included football, trail running, and athletics. However, he was not really interested in fitness at this stage. “I was always active growing up. I played football, cross-country, and was a varsity pole vaulter in track and field in high school. “ Janna was young when she was fascinated by weight training. Upon entering the gym for the first time, she was immediately captivated by the equipment at her disposal. What’s more, the results Janna saw from weight training were unlike anything she had experienced before. Working hard day by day, he developed a strong and fit body. After a while, new plans and goals began that attracted Janna’s attention. One of them was to become a fitness model. Janna started her modeling career for the first time in 2008. While working as a model, Janna made sure to train hard at the gym. She already had an aesthetic figure from years of playing sports, but she wanted to take it even further. To achieve her plan, Janna created a hardcore workout at the gym where she worked out heavy compound moves. Over the weeks and months, his physique improved greatly. Motivated by her results, Janna decided to enter a new challenge, bikini competitions. She went to attend her first NPC Bikini show, where she wowed everyone by placing #1. After tasting success on stage, Janna was eager to win more trophies. At this point, she was sure she wanted to pursue fitness in her full-time career. Janna Breslin has 674k followers on Instagram with the username jannabreslin.

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“After that first show, I decided that fitness and nutrition was my absolute passion and that it was my choice to change my career as a pharmaceutical representative to a personal trainer and nutritional therapist!” Over the years Janna has achieved all her goals and more. She has won six bikini championships, as well as several well-known magazine covers. Throughout the process, he became a sports icon in America. With her inspiring work ethic and discipline, Janna is now an example to other aspiring fitness athletes and anyone who follows her online. I’ve always loved the saying “work hard, get better” because it’s so true! I’m all about pushing yourself, but it’s important to use biofeedback to monitor what you’re doing inside and whether you need a break. ”

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