How often does planet fitness have deals?


Planet Fitness, one of the largest and most popular gym chains in the United States, is known for its affordable membership options and frequent promotions. If you’re considering joining Planet Fitness or are already a member looking to save on your fitness journey, it’s important to understand how often Planet Fitness offers deals, what types of promotions they run, and how to take advantage of these opportunities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the frequency of Planet Fitness deals, the types of promotions you can expect, and tips on maximizing your savings.

Understanding Planet Fitness Membership Options

Before diving into the frequency of deals, it’s essential to understand the membership options offered by Planet Fitness. Typically, they offer three main types of memberships:

  1. Classic Membership: This is the basic, no-frills membership that grants you access to your home club. It comes with unlimited fitness training, free WiFi, and the use of the club’s amenities, such as cardio and strength equipment.
  2. Black Card Membership: The Black Card membership includes all the benefits of the Classic Membership, plus additional perks like the use of any Planet Fitness location, guest privileges, access to the spa area (which includes massage chairs and tanning), and the ability to bring a guest for free.
  3. PF Black Card (Paid in Full): This option allows you to pay for your Black Card membership in full for a year, typically at a discounted rate compared to monthly payments.
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How Often Does Planet Fitness Have Deals?

Planet Fitness is known for its frequent promotions and deals throughout the year. The frequency of these deals can vary, but you can generally expect to see special offers during the following times:

1. New Year’s Resolution Season (January-February):

The beginning of the year is a popular time for fitness-related resolutions, and Planet Fitness often runs promotions to attract new members looking to kickstart their fitness journey. Look for deals on enrollment fees, monthly rates, or Black Card upgrades during this time.

2. Summer (May-June):

As summer approaches and people seek to get in shape for beach season, Planet Fitness may offer summer-specific deals and promotions. These can include discounted rates or free trial periods.

3. Back-to-School (August-September):

As students and parents prepare for the new school year, Planet Fitness may run promotions targeting college students or families. Keep an eye out for special discounts during this period.

4. Holiday Season (November-December):

The holiday season often brings about special promotions and discounts as people aim to stay fit amid holiday indulgences. Planet Fitness may offer deals on Black Card memberships or incentives to join during this time.

5. Local Promotions:

In addition to national promotions, individual Planet Fitness locations may run local deals and events to attract new members or retain existing ones. These can include open houses, referral programs, or special events like “Bring a Friend” days.

Tips for Maximizing Your Savings at Planet Fitness

To make the most of Planet Fitness deals and promotions, consider these tips:

  1. Timing is Key: Keep an eye on the times of year when deals are most likely to occur, such as the beginning of the year or during the summer months.
  2. Check the Planet Fitness Website: The Planet Fitness website often features current promotions and special offers, so regularly check their official site for the latest deals.
  3. Visit Your Local Club: Local clubs may have their own unique promotions or discounts, so inquire with your nearby Planet Fitness location for any local deals.
  4. Ask About Discounts: Planet Fitness offers discounts for certain groups, such as first responders, military personnel, and students. If you qualify, be sure to ask about these discounts.
  5. Consider the Black Card: If you’re a frequent gym-goer and can take advantage of the additional perks, consider upgrading to the Black Card membership. It may be worth the investment.
  6. Refer a Friend: Many Planet Fitness locations offer referral programs where you can earn rewards or discounts for referring friends and family.
  7. Stay Informed: Follow Planet Fitness on social media and subscribe to their newsletters to stay informed about upcoming promotions and exclusive offers.
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Planet Fitness frequently offers deals and promotions throughout the year to attract new members and provide added value to existing ones. By understanding the typical times when deals occur, keeping an eye on their official website, and exploring local promotions, you can make the most of these opportunities and save on your fitness journey. Whether you’re looking to kickstart your fitness goals, stay in shape during the holidays, or simply take advantage of a great deal, Planet Fitness has options to fit your needs and budget.

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