Face Pull



Face Pull

Face Pull Things to pay attention

First timers should start with a low weight and learn to balance the movement.
Make sure you are at the right angle.
When you increase weights, it will be difficult to get used to it, don’t drop the weight just because you can’t do it.
Wait at the last point.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
In the Face Pull movement, mainly the back shoulder muscles, as well as the front and middle shoulder muscles are also working.

Face Pull How To

In the cable machine, pull the reel to the top and attach the rope to the machine.
Grasp the rope with your palms facing inward.
Take a few steps away from the machine and decide what stance you will be in.
There are two types of stances, one with the feet side by side and the other with one foot forward. Try these and decide for yourself.
After determining the posture, start pulling the rope towards your face by exhaling.
It doesn’t matter if it’s face or forehead, after all, the muscle that allows you to do this movement is the back shoulder muscles.
Hold for a second at the end point and begin to release the rope more slowly while breathing in.
Do as many reps as you set and complete the movement.

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