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Who is Evgenia Lvovna? How Tall Is Evgeniya Lvovna? How Many Kilograms in Evgeniya Lvovna? Where is Evgenia Lvovna from? What Is Evgeniya Lvovna’s Body Measurements? How old is Evgenia Lvovna? Evgenia Lvovna Youtube? Evgenia Lvovna Instagram? Evgenia Lvovna Barcelona? Evgenia Lvovna TikTok? The life of Evgenia Lvovna. The answers to all your questions about Evgeniya Lvovna are waiting for you in our content. You can start reading right away.

Evgenia Lvovna Date of Birth?

Evgenia Lvovna was born on July 14, 1995.

What is Evgeniya Lvovna’s Weight?

Evgeniya Lvovna weighs 58 kilograms.

What is Evgeniya Lvovna’s Height?

Evgeniya Lvovna’s height is 170 centimeters.

How Old Is Evgenia Lvovna?

Evgenia Lvovna is 28 years old.

Where is Evgenia Lvovna from?

Evgenia Lvovna is from Russia.

What Is Evgeniya Lvovna’s Body Measurements?

Evgeniya Lvovna Body Measurement is 34-26-34 inches.

Evgenia Lvovna Instagram?

Evgenia Lvovna Instagram.

Evgenia Lvovna Biography and Life

Evgeniya Lvovna was born in 1995 in Moscow, Russia. Lvovna, who started modeling at the age of 17, soon began to appear in fashion shows of world-famous fashion brands.

Lvovna made a name for itself worldwide with the introduction of Barcelona’s new season kits in 2023. Lvovna’s promotional photos quickly became a hot topic on social media and helped Barcelona break records in jersey sales.

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Lvovna’s Achievements

In 2013, she won the first place in Russia at the Elite Model Look contest.
She took part in more than 20 fashion shows at New York Fashion Week in 2014.
She walked the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2015.
She was named one of the 100 most successful models in the world by Forbes in 2016.

Lvovna’s Social Media Accounts

Instagram: @yevaleva
YouTube: Evgenia Lvovna

Lvovna’s Future Plans

While continuing her modeling career, Lvovna is also DJing and acting. Lvovna says that in the future she wants to become more successful in the acting field she ..

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