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What is Eva Andressa’s Height?

Eva Andressa’s height is 163 centimeters.

What is Eva Andressa’s Weight?

Eva Andressa weighs 65kg.

Where is Eva Andressa from?

Eva Andressa is Brazilian.

Eva Andressa Date of Birth

Eva Andressa was born on December 19, 1984.

How Old Is Eva Andressa?

Eva Andressa is 38 years old.

Eva Andressa Full Name

Eva Andressa full name is Eva Andressa Viera Nascimento.

Eva Andressa Biography and Life

Born and raised in Brazil, Eva Andressa was dissatisfied with her physique in her teenage years. He was ashamed of looking much younger because he had a skinny physique. He started working out to help thicken his physique. He tried to get in shape at 17, but gave up quickly after the first month with no trainer or fitness knowledge. However, her desire to achieve her dream physique never ceased. After some time away from the gym, she met her future husband, Jardel Barros, and soon started a relationship with him. Coincidentally, the new man in her life was an athlete, giving Eva the inspiration and training she needed to transform her body. After just a year of training, he realized he had the right genetics to compete as an athlete. He was excited to see where fitness could take him. “Once I realized I had good genetics and my body was quick to react, I thought, ‘Why am I not competing?’ In just a few years, Eva has made serious progress towards her ambition. He worked hard to achieve his dream physique and was motivated by his rapid development. At the age of 21, he entered his first competition, the 2005 NABBA Lobo Bravo Cup, in his hometown. Under the guidance of her husband, she walked away as a Figure champion. But it was just getting started. Building on her success in 2005, Eva continued intense development of her physique over the next few years. At the age of 22, she decided to further her career by participating in national competitions for the 2006 NABBA Parana Championships in Brazil. He managed to imitate his previous success and add the trophy to his locker by placing in 1st place. In a short time he became the figure champion of Brazil. He spent a year away from the stage in 2007, but has never stopped training at the gym during that time. She was still determined to achieve her dream physique.

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At the age of 24, Eva decided she had enough time to heal both mentally and physically. He decided to start competing again and set himself new ambitions to win bigger shows. This led him to enter the 2008 IFBB Body Fitness competition in Brazil. Continuing her track record of great competition, she finished #1 in her biggest show ever. But he wanted more. In 2009, Eva participated in another IFBB competition in the Bodyfitness category. Although this was one of the hardest categories to enter, it not only landed #1 again, but also won overall. He finished 2009 in 3rd place in the IFBB South American Championship Bodyfitness.

Although Eva didn’t win her last competition in 2009, she believed she had achieved her ambition. She achieved her dream physique and became the champion of many shows. He enjoyed his time on stage but could not continue as he did not make much money from competing. His love of fitness meant he couldn’t leave the industry, but he had to find a way to support himself financially. “I am very grateful to sports, but it is very difficult to live as an athlete in our country. I started making some money when I became a fitness model” At the age of 25, Eva decided to pursue the fitness path by pursuing a career as a fitness model. It turned out to be a great decision. It didn’t take long to be noticed by the media, and in 2010 she was invited to appear on a celebrity television show in Brazil.

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After the show, he became one of Brazil’s best-known athletes and an internet phenomenon. But it didn’t stop there. Over the next 6 years, Eva was featured in numerous magazines around the world and gained global recognition. She has become a fitness icon with a strong following of over one million. Since 2014, she has been working hard to inspire others to achieve their dreams and provide educational and nutritional advice through motivational conversations. That same year, he set a new goal for himself to get his own TV show. This would allow him to reach more people and spread his love of fitness. This soon became a reality, in 2015 she was given her own program called Dica Fitness. On her show, she interviews famous athletes and discusses their journeys. Eva Andressa has 6.1m followers on Instagram with the username eva_andressa.

Eva Andressa Competitions and Awards Won

2005 NABBA Brasil, Lobo Bravo Cup Champion, Figure, 1.

2006 NABBA Brasil, Parana, Figure, 1

2006 NABBA, Brazil, Figure, 1

2008 IFBB Brasil, Bodyfitness, 1.

2009 IFBB, Brazilian Overall Champion, Bodyfitness

2009 IFBB Peru, South American Championship, Bodyfitness, 3rd place

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