Does blue cross blue shield cover gym membership?


Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is a cornerstone of overall well-being. Many individuals wonder if their health insurance, particularly plans provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield, covers gym memberships. This article delves into the details, providing a scientifically based, in-depth analysis of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s policies regarding gym membership coverage.

Understanding Health Insurance and Gym Memberships

Preventive Care and Wellness Programs

Health insurance providers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, recognize the importance of preventive care and wellness initiatives in promoting overall health and reducing long-term healthcare costs. Gym memberships can be a key component of these programs.

Employer-Sponsored Plans

The availability and extent of gym membership coverage may vary depending on whether you have an individual plan or an employer-sponsored group plan. Employers may offer additional wellness benefits, including gym membership reimbursement or discounts.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Gym Membership Programs


Blue365® is a program offered by many Blue Cross Blue Shield plans that provides discounts and special offers on a range of health and wellness products and services, including gym memberships.

Fitness Reimbursement Programs

Some Blue Cross Blue Shield plans offer fitness reimbursement programs that provide a financial incentive for members to engage in physical activity, which can include gym memberships.

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Eligibility and Criteria

Individual Plan Considerations

For those with individual Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, coverage for gym memberships may vary based on the specific plan and location. It’s crucial to review the policy documentation or contact Blue Cross Blue Shield directly for precise information.

Employer-Sponsored Plans

Employer-sponsored plans may have specific criteria for gym membership coverage, such as participation in wellness programs, meeting certain health benchmarks, or using affiliated gyms and fitness facilities.

Steps to Determine Coverage

Review Your Policy Documentation

Carefully read through your Blue Cross Blue Shield policy documentation, paying close attention to any sections related to wellness benefits, preventive care, or fitness programs.

Contact Blue Cross Blue Shield

If you have questions about gym membership coverage, reach out to Blue Cross Blue Shield directly. Customer service representatives can provide specific information regarding your plan’s benefits and any available gym membership programs.

Alternative Wellness Initiatives

Home-Based Fitness Programs

In addition to gym memberships, Blue Cross Blue Shield may offer coverage or incentives for home-based fitness programs, such as virtual workout subscriptions or fitness equipment.


While coverage for gym memberships can be a valuable benefit, the specifics depend on the type of plan you have and the offerings of your specific Blue Cross Blue Shield provider. It’s important to thoroughly review your policy documentation and, if needed, contact Blue Cross Blue Shield for personalized information. Remember, engaging in regular physical activity, whether through a gym membership or other means, is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle.

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