Dips Things to pay attention

Elbows should be parallel to the body.
Push it all the way to the top.
Do not fully extend your elbows and lock them.
You can walk around your feet for balance.
You can add weights to complicate the movement.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
In the dips movement, the back arm and, to a lesser extent, the forearm also work.

Dips How To

Hold onto the bars of the triceps bench.
The elbows should be parallel to the body to make the movement more concentrated.
Exhale and push yourself up. Be as upright as possible. If you lean forward, your lower chest starts to work.
You can lock your feet together for balance.
After pushing yourself up to the top point, breathe in and go down more slowly.
Do as many reps as you count and complete the set.

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