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What is Clara Lindblom’s Height?

Clara Lindblom’s height is 163 centimeters.

What is Clara Lindblom’s Weight?

Clara Lindblom weighs 55kg.

Where is Clara Lindblom from?

Clara Lindblom is Swedish.

Clara Lindblom Date of Birth

Clara Lindblom was born on January 10, 1994.

How Old Is Clara Lindblom?

Clara Lindblom is 28 years old.

Clara Lindblom Full Name

Clara Lindblom’s full name is Clara Felicia Lindblom.

Clara Lindblom Biography and Life

Clara Lindblom is a Swedish internet phenomenon and fitness model known for her curvy physique. Her biggest passions are her exercises and healthy life, which she proudly displays on her social media posts. To maintain her physique, Clara follows a structured fitness program of strength training, cardio, clean eating and lots of deep sleep. No matter how busy Clara is, she continues to train every day and makes no excuses. Her future goals are to reach even more people on her social media profiles, as well as pursue a career in bikini competitions. Clara Lindblom has 1.9m followers on Instagram with the username clara_lindblom.

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