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What is Chloe Ting’s Height?

Chloe Ting’s height is 155 centimeters.

What Chloe Ting Weight?

Chloe Ting weighs 52kg.

Where is Chloe Ting from?

Chloe Ting is Australian.

Chloe Ting Date of Birth?

Chloe Ting was born on April 9, 1986.

How Old Is Chloe Ting?

Chloe Ting is 36 years old.

Chloe Ting Biography and Life?

Chloe Ting workout Fitness tutorials on YouTube have been getting a lot of views lately. This is because there is content that is useful to people. Chloe Ting is also a popular athlete on social media. He was born on April 9, 1986, in Brunei. He moved to Australia 17 years later. He later worked as an actuarial analyst. Meanwhile, she was shooting promotional videos about fashion and travel on YouTube.

Chloe Ting previously worked as an actuarial analyst. Meanwhile, she was making videos about fashion and travel on YouTube. She became a well-known name thanks to her video “Get Abs Weeks” that she released in 2019. Thanks to this, he gained popularity.

He has recently attracted attention with his social media posts. She shares many posts about healthy eating and fitness. Most importantly, it gives your followers useful information in a short time. He especially shares information that will lead a healthy lifestyle with his followers. He publishes exercise videos at least 3 days a week on his YouTube and social media accounts.

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Ting’s YouTube channel is currently watched by over 1.7 billion people. However, he has 18 million followers. She has 3 million followers on her social media account Instagram.

Ting’s “Two Week Shred Challenge” video gained popularity on the Tok-tok app in the summer of 2020. This is because the number of people quarantined due to COVID-19 is quite high. In the face of this situation, Ting turned people’s being at home into an opportunity and taught at everyone’s home over the internet. Thanks to the videos he made, he provided guidance on fitness and healthy eating.

USA earned the title of most successful creator of 2020 on their platform. It is also listed in the Breakout Creator category.

Things to be proud of

-Wrote a thesis on finance

– Presenter at the Australian Finance and Banking Conference

-Presiding the Australian Finance and Banking Conference

-3 Graduate Scholarships

-He was deemed worthy of a broadcast award on the health-themed YouTube platform.

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