Bench Knee Ups



Bench Knee Ups

Bench Knee Ups Things to pay attention

Your back should be firmly against the bench.
Do not skip breathing is important in the number of repetitions.
Focus on your abdominal muscles.
Lower your legs slower than your lifting speed.
Which Muscle Groups It Affects
In the Bench Knee-Ups movement, primarily the anterior abdominal muscles and secondarily the lateral abdominal muscles.

Bench Knee Ups How To

Lie on a bench with your feet out.
Grasp the top of the coffee table with your hands.
Your back should be completely against the bench.
Exhale and lift your knees up without bending them. At the last point, bend your knees.
As you go down, take strength from the hips at the end point, lift your waist slightly and only your shoulder blades touch the bench.
Inhale, begin to lower your legs and begin to lift again a few inches before they touch the bench.
Do as many reps as you set and finish your move.

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