Ashley Kaltwasser


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What’s the Ashley Kaltwasser Height?

Ashley Kaltwasser is 165 centimeters tall.

What’s Ashley Kaltwasser Weight?

Ashley Kaltwasser weighs 58kg.

Where’s Ashley Kaltwasser from?

Ashley Kaltwasser is American.

Ashley Kaltwasser Date of Birth

Ashley Kaltwasser was born November 22, 1988.

How old is Ashley Kaltwasser?

Ashley Kaltwasser is 34 years old.

Ashley Kaltwasser Biography and life

Born in Akron, Ohio (USA), Ashley grew up very athletic. He has been involved in gymnastics and athletics activities (hurdles, trail running and long running) since he was 4 years old. Ashley continued to do gymnastics throughout high school and naturally developed a slim, aesthetic body. He became very talented in sports, breaking several records and winning a piece of scholarship to a prestigious college. Her hips developed after years of athletics, even before she lifted any weights. This gave him the perfect foundation to shape his dream physique. After graduating from college, Ashley had her first period of inactivity. He did not train or compete in sports. She got bored with her sedentary lifestyle and came across the bikini section at bodybuilding shows. He was inspired by the great physique of athletes and found the desire to compete.

In 2011, at the age of 23, Ashley decided to sculpt the physique she dreamed of and started lifting weights at the gym. Ashley trained diligently for 8 weeks and prepared to compete as a bikini athlete. It didn’t take long for him to have an amazing physique, as he was already in good shape to begin with. She took the stage in 2011 Elit Physics, her first show aiming to start her career successfully. Impressively, after Ashley took first place, she took the trophy and went and won the overall prize. At this point, he realized that he had a future in the fitness industry. The following year, Ashley entered 11 competitions with higher honors. But it did manage to end 2012 with a landmark success. After taking home the trophy and being awarded overall at the 2012 IFBB Arnold Amateur, he aimed to finish the year with a Pro Card. Ashley’s opportunity came at the 2012 IFBB Team Universe Championship. He managed to take the 1st place as a bikini athlete. After a successful first year as a competitor, things got better for Ashley. During 2013, he won 4 trophies and is successful in numerous competitions. it happened. But at the end of the year, she reached another milestone – winning the 2013 IFBB Women’s Bikini Olympia, the most prestigious bikini show. This victory gave him great exposure in the industry. She started gaining a lot of fans on social media and became one of the most well-known bikini athletes in the world.

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Ashley was on her way to becoming a sports icon. At the height of her glory, Ashley wasted no time getting into more shows. He took the stage in 12 competitions and won first place in 10 of them. As Ashley rose to the top of the industry, she made history as the first bikini athlete to win 3 Women’s Bikini Olympia trophies. Ashley has inspired countless bodybuilders by sticking her name in the record books. Ashley Kaltwasser has 1m followers on Instagram with the username ashleykfit. He has 60k subscribers on his youtube channel.

Ashley Kaltwasser Contests and Awards Won

2011 Elite Physique: Class B – 1st place, Overall – 1.

2011 NPC Natural Northern USA Championships: Class C – 1st, Overall – 1st.

2011 NPC Natural Ohio – 4th.

2011 NPC National Championships – 7th.

2011 IFBB Arnold Amateur – 14.

2011 IFBB North American Championships – 16th.

2012 Rockstar Bikini Contest Winner.

2012 IFBB Houston Pro – 5th.

2012 NPC Junior National Championships – 6th.

2012 NPC Junior USA Championships – 7th.

2012 IFBB Arnold Amateur: Class D – 1st place, Overall – 1.

2012 IFBB Team Universe Championships: Class D – 1st, Overall Bikini – 1st (Pro Card).

2013 IFBB Olympia Weekend: Ms. Bikini Olympia – 1.

2013 IFBB Sheru Classic (India) – 1.

2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow Bikini – 1st.

2013 IFBB Detriot Pro Powerhouse IFBB bikini – 1.

2013 IFBB New York Pro Bikini – 2nd place.

2013 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Bikini – 2nd place.

2013 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Orlando – 2.

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2013 IFBB Arnold Classic Bikini International – 10.

2014 Ms. Bikini Olympia – 1.

2014 IFBB Arnold Classic: Ms. Bikini International – 1.

2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow – 1st.

2014 IFBB Australia Pro Grand Prix XIV – 1.

2014 IFBB New Zealand Pro Show – 1st.

2014 IFBB New York Pro Show – 2nd.

2014 IFBB Olympia Weekend – NP.

2014 IFBB Russia Pro Bikini, 1st.

2014 Arnold ports Festival – 1st.

2014 IFBB Korea Grand Prix – 1st.

2014 IFBB Power Pro Show Russia – 1.

2015 IFBB Ms. Bikini Olympia – 1.

2015 IFBB Nordic Pro Finland – 1.

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