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What’s Anna Delyla Height?

Anna Delyla is 173 centimeters tall.

What’s Anna Delyla Weight?

Anna Delyla weighs 65kg.

Where’s Anna Delyla from?

Anna Delyla is Dutch.

Anna Delyla Birthday

Anna Delyla was born on January 20, 1986.

How old is Anna Delyla?

Anna Delyla is 36 years old.

Anna Delyla Biography and Life

Anna Delyla was born in the Netherlands and has lived in Middelburg ever since. Growing up, Anna was interested in dancing. She has worked in different types of dance, from classical ballet to ballroom dance, jazz ballet and street dance. When Anna reached her teenage years, she gave up dancing and started working as a model. She says she still has a passion for dance, but has decided to focus on other things to build her career on. One of them was modelling. Everything was going well in Anna’s life. But one day Anna became pregnant with her daughter. This meant she had to suspend her career and focus her time and energy on her child. As Anna said; “My daughter is the center of my life, my love, my motivation and my strength.” When her daughter was a little older, Anna took some time to herself again. He decided to go back to his old physique and become stronger both physically and emotionally.

Anna: “I decided it was time to do something for myself again, I wanted to be strong not only physically but also mentally.” He saw bodybuilding as an excellent way to achieve his goals. Anna soon began training in the gym. Although it is not easy for Anna to work alone without anyone to support her. Hard work was gradually being rewarded. He started reaching the best physique of his life and started to feel better than ever before. In 2014, after successfully getting in shape. Anna decided it was time to take on the even bigger challenge of entering her first bikini contest. After months of hard work in the gym, she felt it was time to test her hard-won physique against other female competitors. Anna received the first prize in her first show. Anna began to regularly participate in bikini competitions.

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In just one year, it has gone through five competitions to qualify for IFBB international competitions. Anna’s results in the bikini scene did not go unnoticed. Soon after, a famous sports company contacted him, who offered him a sponsorship deal. Excited by the opportunity to become a sponsored model, Anna accepted the offer knowing it would help her further her fitness career. Anna continued her rise in the fitness industry. The Dutch have become one of the most well-known fitness models and internet phenomena. Anna Delyla has 679k followers on Instagram with the username anna_delyla.

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