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What Is Anita Herbert’s Height?

Anita Herbert’s height is 163 centimeters.

What Is Anita Herbert’s Weight?

Anita Herbert weighs 58kg.

Where is Anita Herbert from?

Anita Herbert is from Hungary.

Anita Herbert Date of Birth

Anita Herbert was born on December 29, 1989.

How Old Is Anita Herbert?

Anita Herbert is 33 years old.

Anita Herbert Biography and Life

Born and raised in a small town near Budapest, Hungary, Anita was not a fitness fanatic growing up. He never stepped foot in the gym in his youth. At the age of 18, she moved to Budapest after enrolling in College in 2007. During this period, he led a very unhealthy lifestyle, regularly drinking alcohol and eating junk food. He loved to party and went out every week. Three years later, Anita Herbert had graduated from College and quickly plunged into the real world. For the next 2 years, he struggled because of the low opportunities available in his home country (Hungary). In 2012, at the age of 22, Anita Miami visited her best friend in America. This would later become a life-changing decision for him. The future fitness model enjoyed her time in America and decided to stay. Anita wanted to make a better life in Miami. But even at this point, he had never trained in the gym. After the next few years of partying, by the time she turned 24, Anita was tired of going out and drinking. By 2014, he wanted to settle down. Fortunately, her great genetics had allowed her to stay slim, and it didn’t take long until she started a relationship with her future husband. It was this man who encouraged her to begin her journey.

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Anita started exercising at the gym and following a strict diet plan at the age of 24. Anita had an amazing physique until 2015 under the guidance of her husband. At this point, he met one of his heroes, Michelle Lewin. Luckily, Anita and Michelle lived in the same building and trained in the same gym as her fitness idol. Michelle was impressed with Anite’s physique and motivated Anita to start competing as a female bodybuilder. After getting inspiration for the competition, Anita stepped up her game and started preparing for her first show. Later that year, Anita took the stage at her debut, the 2015 NPC Southern States and CJ’s Classic. Impressively, Anita took home both the trophy and the overall title. He set his sights on earning his Pro Card. The following year, Anita competed in 4 more shows. He won all the competitions and took home the overall titles. But Anita’s biggest success was yet to come. Hungarian bikini athlete started 2016 strong by entering the IFBB Arnold Amateur North America. He received a lot of attention after his victories and was given the opportunity to become a pro by entering the top three.

2 years after starting her fitness journey, Anita met all expectations and came 2nd. While he didn’t add to his trophy collection, he had done enough to earn his Pro Card. At the age of 27, Anita had fulfilled her passion of becoming a professional bikini athlete. Motivated by her recent success, Anita entered 3 more shows that year and left with first place. The Hungarian athlete’s rapid rise to the top was noticed by the fitness community. It didn’t take long for her to gain a large number of followers on Instagram, and to be admired for her hard work and gorgeous physique. Anita has become a social media phenomenon and has inspired countless fans around the world to lead a healthy lifestyle. Anita Herbert has 2.5m followers on Instagram with the username anita_herbert.

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