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What is Andrei Arlovski’s Height?

Andrei Arlovski’s height is 193 centimeters.

What is Andrei Arlovski’s Weight?

Andrei Arlovski weighs 109kg.

Andrei Arlovski Wingspan

Andrei Arlovski’s wingspan is 196 centimeters.

Andrei Arlovski Weight Category

Andrei Arlovski’s weight is Heavyweight.

Where is Andrei Arlovski from?

Andrei Arlovski is Belarusian.

Andrei Arlovski Date of Birth

Andrei Arlovski was born on February 4, 1979.

How Old Is Andrei Arlovski?

Andrei Arlovski is 43 years old.

Andrei Arlovski Full Name

Andrei Arlovski full name Andrei Valeryevich Arlovski

Andrei Arlovski Nickname

Andrei Arlovski’s nickname is Pitbull.

Andrei Arlovski Score

Andrei Arlovski score is 30 wins, 20 defeats.

Andrei Arlovski Biography and Life

Andrei Arlovski is a Belarusian mixed martial arts master. He also acted after his career. He is also a former UFC heavyweight champion. Arlovski began training in karate as a young boy, then trained in judo, sambo and kickboxing. As he grew up, his interest in them increased and he enrolled in the Minsk Police Academy. Having appeared in many different organizations, Arlovski started his mixed martial arts career at the age of 20. Unfortunately, he lost his first match by knockout, but did not give up easily and took the heavyweight crown at the 2000 European Championships. With his victories, he got the right to enter the UFC elite category. He won the UFC heavyweight title in 2004 and defended it against Eilers and Paul Buentello. He left the UFC in 2007 with a 10-4 ratio. He later joined the MMA promotional initiative Affliction and made his first appearance at ‘Affliction: Banned’ in 2008.

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He fought heavy fighter Ben Rothwell and won by knockout, thus ending Rothwell’s 13-battle winning streak. He continued to fight both individually and on behalf of certain organizations throughout his career. After his fighting career, his acting career began. It was filmed for the first time in 2006 with “8 of Diamonds”. A few years later, he played the main negative character in the feature film ‘Universal Soldier: Regeneration’ in 2009. In 2012 he was cast in the final theatrical release in the Universal Soldier series – ‘Universal Soldier: Reckoning Day’. He also acted on television and appeared in an episode of T.V ‘Unlimited’ in 2015. Apart from that, he also acted in the MTV show ‘Bully Beatdown’. Currently, 42 years old lives in Belarus. Andrei Arlovski has 365k followers on Instagram with the username andreiarlovski.

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